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This is where you order any of the Poke É Mon snow globe tumbler hat are on my Bean Stuck Designs social media platforms ( the designs that might potentially be slightly in trade.mark territory lol)

You can get a name or word down the back of the cup in the official font, again type this in the personalization area.

ALL CUPS come with balls around the cup. 

If you are wanting multiple characters- please message me before ordering


Poke Character Cold Cups

  • 24 fl oz Cold Drink plastic Strabx cups are used.
    Handwash only. Not Microwavable.
    Permanent Vinyl is used.
    All cups come with a straw and lid. 

    This product is hand made so not every single cup will look the same. I hold my standards high and will promise to deliver the best quality product to my customers.

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