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  • Shipping
    I use Canada Post to send my items. Once your package is dropped off at the post office, it is out of my hands. If you would like to track your package, please PAY FOR TRACKING option when checking out. If you are in Canada, you will automatically have tracking on your item, which I can provide to you ( I'm sorry to anyone outside of Canada, this is just how the post system works here). If you are not in Canada and have not paid for tracking, I have no way of finding out where your package is. I can only get an APPROXIMATE timeline of when an item will arrive when I am making the shipping label. Be advised, if you are not in Canada, it will need to go through customs, again, is out of my control. DECALS AND SINGLE TSHIRTS DO NOT get tracking unless its paid for. I can get these in regular letter mail, which is reflected in their shipping costs
  • Are the cold cups coated?
    No! I do not coat my cold cups. Using resin on a cold cup would make it more fragile. The cups I use have some flex to them and coating them would make an outer shell that would be not flexible. When a flexible cup is coated with something like resin it creates a hard shell around the flexible cup. This can lead to the shell breaking when dropped or squeezed too hard.
  • Processing Times
    Since all items in the shop are made to order, there are different processing times on each category of item. These are the current process times: Snow Globe Cups: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping. T-Shirts: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping. Sweaters: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping. Cold Cups: 1 Week Processing before shipping. Hot Cups: 1 Week Processing before shipping. Decals: 1 Week Processing before shipping. Bulk Orders: will depend on how many items, but approx. 2-3 Weeks Processing before shipping
  • Why do you use unisex sizing?
    Gendered clothing is also a super strange concept to me. When I started my shop I wanted to be sure no one felt obligated to buy a certain gender of clothing. That being said, I can get gender-specific clothing, you must contact me BEFORE ordering if you are on the hunt for a certain type of fitted clothing.
  • Animal hair?
    LISTEN, I am a single mom of two cats. I make most items on my office floor since I don't quite make enough to have a real shop. I try my hardest to get all the hair off the items, sometimes I don't get it all. If you are allergic to cats LET ME KNOW and I can make your product somewhere else ( NOTE: this will extend the processing time of your order). Blame these two assholes who like to sit and "help" me work...
  • Why is there clipart instead of produc photos in some of the listings?
    I play in the grey area of infringement with certain designs. There is a certain company that thinks lil ol' Bean Stuck Designs is a HUGE threat and likes to send me fun little letters about it every once in and awhile. So I play on the safe side on the website, you can find all the product photos on our Instagram page ( Dear Warner Brothers, If you are reading this. I have responded to your 10+ infringement emails with my resume. I am unsure why you won't respond. If you hire me I will stop making items that play in the grey area.
  • Care Instructions
    I supply all items that need special care with their own set of instructions. If you have lost your care instructions, please see the "Care Instructions" page. SPARKNOTES: Cold + Hot Cups: NO microwave, NO dishwasher Snow Globe Cups with vinyl: NO microwave, NO dishwasher Shirts+ Sweaters + Pillowcases: Wash on the WARM or COLD setting. Too hot will peel off the vinyl. DO NOT iron Salt & Pepper Shakers: NO microwave, NO dishwasher
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