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Who the F*ck is Bean Stuck Designs?

OMG, I'm so glad you asked... that over there, that's me, I'm Bean! Scroll down to read the whole story behind my brand! (720 x 720 px).png


Part One: Starting the Shop

So, picture this – graduated from UFV right when the pandemic was turning life into a chaotic rollercoaster. Job market? Gone. I went from interviews to nada. Cue the 10th interview in a world gone bonkers, and it hit me – time to hustle. Oh, did I mention I got laid off from my part-time gig too? Thanks, Covid! 

I dove into the abyss of online jobs, and amidst the chaos, Etsy called my name. I knew it was saturated, but hey, I had something special – a deep love for the 80s/90s and all things niche from other eras. Turning that retro passion into something real became my mission. The shop started as a side gig for some Christmas cash, but it took off beyond my wildest dreams. And yes, the name Bean Stuck Designs? It's a nod to my dad calling me Bean and Stuck? Well, that's because I stick vinyl on things.

Part Two: Me!

Gillian, reporting for duty! My degree is in Integrated Studies in Aviation with a Minor in Geography, and my diploma collection reads like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. I am currently on a small break from juggling a Master's Degree and finishing up my Commercial Pilots license. Right now my main focus is on work. Right now, I run a social media marketing agency AND Bean Stuck Designs.  My heart beats for all things 90s, Harry Potter, reading, airplanes, fishing, Halloween, coffee, and a whole bunch of other random goodies. Two cats, two turtles, and a sea of fish complete my eclectic family.

"Why buy from you?" you ask. Well, sure, others are doing what I'm doing, but when you shop with me, you're not just snagging cool stuff – you're helping me crush those student loans and inching me closer to financial freedom.

Part Three: The Changes

Now, you savvy shoppers know I've been bouncing Bean Stuck Designs around the internet for the past 3 years. Fingers crossed, this is the final stop!  Big changes are afoot in how you snag your favourite goodies. Some designs are ™ material, and guess what? The big guns have noticed. ALL photos on socials, listings on here. Easy peasy. Every post on Insta/FB will have a magic link to snag your faves. Change is good, right? 

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