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This is where you order any of the Galactic cold cups that are on my Bean Stuck Designs social media platforms ( the designs that might potentially be slightly in trade.mark territory lol)
If you are ordering a SHIP cup- please message me so we can talk about the colour combo

How to Order:
-Pick which style you would like
-Pick a colour (either of galactic empire symbols or cup theme)

1. Big Bad Respiratory Failure Guy & Galactic Empire symbols around (
2. Imperial Bucketheads & Galactic Empire symbols around (
3. Fighter Ships and Bucket Heads all around cup (


Galactic Cold Cups

  • 24 fl oz Cold Drink plastic Strabx cups are used.
    Handwash only. Not Microwavable.
    Permanent Vinyl is used.
    All cups come with a straw and lid. 

    This product is hand made so not every single cup will look the same. I hold my standards high and will promise to deliver the best quality product to my customers.

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