Hiiiii! I'm Gillian, the person behind Bean Stuck Designs! These are awkward to write, so here is a three-part blurb about the shop and me!

Part One: Starting the Shop.

After graduating from UFV at the beginning of the pandemic, the job market went from supple to pretty much nothing. It was after my 10th interview in a world that had no idea what was happening that I decided that I needed to figure something out quickly. I will also add in here, I was laid off from my part-time job at this time too ( thanks Covid!). I scoured the internet for at home jobs that I was qualified for. I found a few different avenues to venture into, the most exciting being opening an Etsy shop. I knew going in that this was an oversaturated market, but what I have that is different is my love for the 80s/90s and niche things from other eras. Being able to bring my love of retro things to life was how I was going to set myself apart from the thousands of others selling similar products. The shop was meant to be a side hustle that brought in extra money from Christmas. It took off in a way I didn't expect and I am so so incredibly thankful. The name for the shop came from my dad calling me Bean my whole life and Stuck, well I stick vinyl on things lol.

Part Two: Me!

As stated, my name is Gillian! My degree that was mentioned before is in Integrated Studies in Aviation with a Minor in Geography. I hold diplomas and certificates in sociology, business, communications, GIS, community support work, web design and a few other random things. I am also working towards finishing my Commercial Pilots licence. I currently work at a bookstore, create social media content for businesses around the world, and run Bean Stuck Designs. My interests include anything 90's related, Harry Potter, reading, airplanes, fishing, Halloween, coffee and so much more random stuff. I have 2 cats, 2 turtles, and a whole lotta fish. A lot of people ask "Why buy from you?", well there are others doing what I am doing, but when you buy from me you are not only helping me pay off my student loans, but you are helping me get one step close to getting to financially independently. Part Three: The Changes.

As many of you might know, I have moved my shop around the internet A LOT in the past 3 years. I am hoping this is the last move :) This move has brought significant change in how you order products ( there is a whole blog post about this), but here is the why- I dabble with certain designs that might/perhaps/maybe/definitely are ™, which has led to a solid amount of fun little emails from multibillion-dollar companies. So now, I will be just posting photos of what I make on my socials and having a listing for them on here. Each posting on socials will also have a mention of where to order in the shop and I am aiming to have links up for every single item going to Insta/FB in the near future :)